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CasaRon | Life After Footbal

February 27, 2018

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In Gold We Trust: Didato & Supper Club Amsterdam

March 30, 2018


On the 1st of March, In Gold We Trust organized the launch of their new sneaker collection in the Didato shop, Amsterdam. A couple of stands were build inside the store; CasaRon, Earth Water and Ibiza Ice had their own bars with them to serve the guest who where invited to the event. People like; Koen Kardashian (Influencer), Inge de bruin (athlete) and Sam De Wit (Artist).


On the 20th of March, they launched their new clothing line “the Internet”, in the Supper Club in Amsterdam. A couple of famous Dutch people like: Anna Nooshin (Influencer), Monica Geuze (Influencer) and Lars Veldwijk (Athlete) attended this event. Were they we presented with the new clothing and dinner. After the dinner the attendees moved to the bar were they were served with the CasaRon cocktails.



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