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CasaRon | Life After Footbal

February 27, 2018

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Guillermo Klijnoot...an introduction

October 18, 2017

My name is Guillermo Klijnoot, a young entrepreneur who has seen a lot of the world. Out of all the beautiful countries I have visited, only one authentic island really stood out for me in terms of feelings and memories, and that is the wonderful island of Cuba. 


The first time I set foot on the island, I was sold. By the landscapes, the culture, the unique history, but also by the hard-working residents and their traditions. Turning older I fell in love with the lively Latin music, the thick cigars and the stunning colorful oldtimers. Everytime I visit this beautiful country I enjoy it even more, especially with the Caribbean sun on my face and a fine, sophisticated rum in my hand.


This delightful feeling I want to share with you. Although I cannot offer you the Caribbean sun itself, I can present you the finest Cuban rums. During my studies and internships I have learnt from the best rum masters when it comes to quality, taste and characteristics.


With my gained oriented knowledge I have personally chosen three exquisite brands of rum for you to savor yourself; our first-class selection of CasaRon rums.


Please, enjoy the rich taste of Isla del Tesoro, Perla del Norte and Ron Cubay and experience the real taste of Cuba.


Guillermo Klijnoot
CEO CasaRon

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