Representing extraordinary Cuban rum houses


CasaRon represents extraordinary Cuban rum houses

We all know Cuba for it’s colourful architecture, sigars, rum, music, classic cars, and it’s tropical climate. During our regular trips to Cuba, and especially the enchanting and colorful city Havana, we’ve discovered the true Cuban way of life. There is a strong social community on the island... people are very helpful. There’s always something to celebrate, no matter for what reason. We found out that drinking rum is an essential part of that. Enjoy life as much as possible.

Unique style, outstanding taste
The Caribbean, where the climate is best for growing sugarcane, produces the world’s finest rum. Cuba has been isolated for so long, and therefore the quality of Cuban rum didn’t suffer as much as other Caribbean rums.

Cuban rum houses
Cuban rum houses developed a unique style - lighter and crisper - with an outstanding taste.
CasaRon imports and distributes a fine selection of Cuban rum from the best and most respected rum houses of Cuba: Ron Santiago de Cuba, Ron Perla del Norte and Ron Cubay.

The real taste of Cuba


Ron Santiago de Cuba


First reserved only to Fidel Castro. Now available for the true connoisseur. This very exclusive rum comes hidden in a treasure chest, presented in a vintage-looking ceramic decanter.

Tasting notes: Coffee beans, brown sugar, orange peels, apricot and chocolate-covered peanuts.

Alc. vol.: 40%
Age: 20 year old
Bottle: 0.7l


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